Glass Roof - JWR CONSTRUCTIONS is well versed in the engineering and installation of this innovative structural solution, using hi-tech bracketing systems such as the “Spider” bracket, and able to custom-design to special requirements.

With various glazing options available for toughened performance and using energy rated glass, the robust practical functions are easily combined with the aesthetically appealing features of clean, clear lines allowing the flow of natural light.

Glass Roof
Glass Roof Awning
Ventilation Louvres
Glass Blocks & Louvres
Glass Block Window
Display Lettering 1
Display Lettering 2
Mirrors 1
Mirror 2
Glass White Board
Segmented Wall
Aluminium Louvres 1
Aluminium Louvres 2
Gates 2
Feature Partition
Curved Partition 1
Curved Partition 2
Curved Partition 3
Curved Partition 4
Splashback 1
Splashback 2
Splashback 3
Shower Screen 1
Showerscreen 2
Shower Screen 3
Shower Screen 4