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Bi-fold doors are certainly today’s answer to integrating inside & outside areas, visually extending & blending to create an impression of greater area & sense of space.

JWR CONSTRUCTIONS is a leading specialist in the installation of this very popular, stylish door system, utilising ALSPEC ‘s “Hawkesbury” state of the art, commercial profile doors with high performance hardware, including large floor to ceiling commercial & residential applications.

It is worth noting some of the many proven superior features incorporated in the design of this range of doors.

  • Full sized commercial perimeter framing
  • Specially designed commercial door styles
  • Smooth TOP-rolling operation in all configurations
  • Inward & outward stacking, odd or even number of door styles
  • Doors run easily on rolling floor guides in concealed channels
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Single or double glazing

Our Bi-Fold Door installations are a successful combination of excellent design + quality product and the skills of JWR’s team of talented people.

Bi-Folds 1
Bi-Folds 2
Bi-Folds 3
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Bi-Folds 5
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